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YBM(P)-12-0.4 Prefabricated Substation
YBM(P)-12-0.4 Prefabricated Substation
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YBM(P)-12/0.4 series prefabricated substation is a kind of compact power distribution device that integrates high voltage electrical devices, transformer, low voltage electrical devices together. It can be used in high-rise buildings, buildings in urban and rural areas, residential communities, high-tech development areas, small and medium size factories, mining areas, oil fields, temporary construction sites, and other premises, and can also be used for acceptance and distribution of power in power distribution system of 6-10kv, 50Hz.
This product is characterized with features including high integrity, small size, compact structure, safe and reliable operation, convenient maintenance, portable, etc. Compared with conventional transformer requiring civil work, the prefabricated transformer with same capacity need only one-tenth to one-fifth of the floor area for conventional transformer so that the construction expense is reduced significantly. It also can be used in ring net power distribution system and double power supply or terminal power distribution system. This new complete set of product is an ideal choice for modification of transformer in urban and rural area.
This product complies with standards of GB/T17467 “High voltage/low voltage prefabricated substations” and SD320 “Technical specification for box-type transformer”

structure feature
1、This product consists of high voltage power distribution device、transformer and low voltage power distribution device. It is divided into three function compartments, which are high voltage compartment, transformer compartment and low voltage compartment. And they adopt “B” type configuration and “delta” configuration. Primary power supply system is composed by HXGN-10 ring man unit or SF6 load switch, it can be configured in various power supply methods, such as ring net power supply, terminal power supply, power supply with double electric source. High voltage metering instrument can also be installed on high voltage side to satisfy the requirements for high voltage measurement. For transformer compartment, S7, S9 series low loss oil immersed transformer, and SC (B) dry transformer are available. And the transformer compartment is equipped with self-start forced air cooling system and lighting system, the low voltage compartment can be equipped with panel or cabinet type structure based on customer’s requirements, and has various functions including distribution for drive power, power distribution for lighting, compensation of reactive power, metering of electricity energy and measurement of electricity consumption to meet various demands of customers and provide customers with convenient management and high quality in terms of power supply.
2、High voltage compartment is designed with compact structure and interlock function to completely protect from fault operation. All compartments are provided with auto lighting system, furthermore, both high voltage and low voltage compartments are made of elements that are reliable and easy to operate, so that the product can be operated safely and stably as well as being maintained conveniently.
3、The product has good cooling and ventilation effect due to application of both natural ventilation and forced ventilation. Both transformer compartment and low voltage compartment are equipped with ventilation ducts, the exhaust fan is provided with temperature regulating device and can start or stop automatically according to the preset temperature to ensure the transformer to be operated under full load.
4、 The box structure is designed with special steel sheet or aluminum alloy sheet and stainless steel to prevent entry of rain water and the dirty. The box is provided with features including resistance to corrosion, water proof, long useful life and good external appearance.