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DD226 Mechanical KWH Meter
DD226 Mechanical KWH Meter
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1. General

The DD226 type single-phase long life watt-hour meter is a kind of induction type meter, which measure active energy electric power consumption in rated frequency 50Hz and single phase AC electricity net. The type single-phase watt-hour meter is a newstyle induction type meter, which is designed and developed on the basis of type DD722 single phase watt-hour meter and absorb
domestic and over seas inductio n meter new techniques and use long life techniques.

2. Function and Features

2.1 The frame adopts high quality steel plate once molding;
2.2 The voltage elements adopt whole closed vacuum moulding with excellent mechanical strength, stable structure and anti-impact;
2.3 The meter adopts magnetic thrust bottom bearing;
2.4 It also has small abrasion, long life and small error change. All kind of adjustment mechanism adopted stepless shifting mechanism the meter starting and creeping need not to be adjust ed which is finished by anti-creeping hole of disc and convenient for adjusting by user.

3. Specification